Horses are one of the few things that transcend time. They have an innate way to reach horse lovers and non-horse lovers across the world and inspire. It comes at no surprise that horses have been the center of ALL forms of art for centuries! I want my photos to evoke emotion and offer a connection with every horse. Bringing attention to their power, strength, heart and soul for the incredibly special creature they are. I want my photographs to be a testimony to the enchantment horses have had over humans since the dawn of time. I hope to continuously bridge the gap between historical admiration & significance and the modern-day enchantment.

Horse Shows






I take on a handful of horse shows each year. Please inquire if you would like me to be the photographer at your show. Feel free to browse my examples.

Horse + Rider





Horse + Rider sessions are now only offered as an "add on" to sessions where a horse is already booked for a session. I specalize in equine only and only accept a limited number of "add on" sessions.