Equine Model Calls

I'm always looking for the following breeds:

• Lipizzaner

• Lusitano

• Rare breeds

Non-Breed specific models:

• Roman Noses

• Splash/Frame Overo Patterns

• Extreme golden colors/solid chestnuts (no white)

• Unique Patterns/Scars (bloody shoulder, chimeras, skewed)

• Long Manes/braided up manes (show style)


• Reined Cow Horse

• Cattle Brandings

• Working Horse Ranches

• Reiners

Fill out the form below regarding your horse.

These model calls are FREE and come with limited images. These free sessions are first come first serve they also are not put ahead of paid sessions. These free sessions are for the photographer and are worked on when free time is available.

Please email your application below for more information.

Do you think your horse might fit any of these categories? Use the form below!

Tell me some details about your horse & why you think they would be a perfect model? Don't be afraid to get detailed and emotional!!!! Tell me it all!