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Samantha Dawn

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workshops // mentoring // online coaching

Hello! My name is Samantha Dawn I am a Professional Equine Photographer known Nationwide here in the United States. I have images published across the United States and across the world in magazines, books, and websites.

Soon my goal is to be able to offer those who love horses & love photography the opportunity to learn and work with me. These things take time but I'm excited to eventually get closer to being able to offer these to the public!

• Workshops (Plans for 2025 in works!)

A 2025 Workshop is in the rough-draft stages. This Workshop is looking to be held in Central Minnesota, USA.

Eventually my goal is to be able to plan workshops for photographers to come and learn in a safe environment without the stress of "working for someone" to be able to create the work they love. This will be a place to mess up, to learn, and to grow. These workshops will be small at first and will only happen once a year to get started. My goal would be to be able to have these across the United States and the world by being able to bring people together....also while bringing the love of The Horse front and center.

For these: You should have a basic knowledge of your camera, will need to be shooting with at least a 70-200MM lens, and have a great attitude with a willingness to learn. You can expect these to be 1-2 days long at first with goals upwards of 3-5 days. Also expect to be willing to pay for your own travel/lodging/food/things you want to purchase as these are not things that will be included when Workshops start rolling out.

• In Person Mentoring - 1:1 (coming soon)

Along with putting on workshops my goal is to be able to offer people with ONE on ONE mentoring. Most of these would take place in person at a set location with pre-selected horses. This will be the best way for someone to learn without the stress of being around others. These One on One mentoring sessions will be first come first serve with a limited amount throughout the year, the mentoree will be responsible for travel/lodging to the location of our choosing. You can plan on these being a little more expensive than a workshop fee as this is a 1-1 slot. You should expect these to last a minimum of 3 hours.

• Online-Coaching (coming soon)

Online coaching will soon be available for those who cannot attend a workshop or one on one classes. Online would be most beneficial to those who just need to learn single subjects or are just getting started in the photography world. These online classes will be priced by the hour and by the subject...prices will vary with options to add additional subjects or add time for additional fees.

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