My name is Samantha Dawn Ebeling but I'm known mostly by "Samantha Dawn." I reside in Kansas (USA) and my work has been published and awarded across the states and internationally. I am blessed to travel the states photographing the most beautiful horses and on occasion I find myself booking sessions outside of the states as well.

I, too, was called the “weird horse girl” in school who was known (and teased) for being horse crazy! From horses being in all aspects of my life they have inspired me and not JUST with a camera. They have taught me about life, how to be in the moment, and more importantly about myself. In addition to teaching me in life, this enchanting creature has actually saved my life more times than I can count. Similar to how you can find history written from the back of the horse – horses loaned me their strength and on their backs they carried me through the darkest times of my life. Much like many other horse lovers in this world...Horses are my “why.”

25+ years of owning, riding, helping train, studying, and enjoying them in my life has attributed to develop my skills as an equine photographer. This allows me to properly photograph them with years of experience behind me. I have an extensive amount of experience in many breeds as well as breed standards. My experience also transfers over into the show ring both on the horse and behind the camera. I am proud to admit that I am a self-taught photographer, it has allowed me to be able to push myself and not stay "in a box" mentality. I believe it has added gasoline to my fire of desire to push my creativity to the extreme and learn on the fly - I joke that I am a "sponge" for how much I learn and am willing to always continue to learn. I attribute horses to my willingness to always wanting to be better than the photographer and the person that I was in days past.

Horses transcend time. They've been the chosen subject of all art for centuries. They have an innate and magical way of reaching and inspiring horse lovers and non-horse lovers across the world. These enchanted beings inspire and change lives daily. Look back to the walls of prehistoric caves….what do you find? Horses.

The desire I have for my photographs is to evoke emotion and offer a connection with each horse pictured. Bringing attention to their power, strength, heart and soul for the incredibly special creature they are. I want my photographs to be a testimony to the enchantment horses have had over humans since the dawn of time. Our world we see today was BUILT on the backs of horses. I hope to continuously bridge the gap between historical admiration and significance and the modern-day enchantment towards The Horse.

The path I’ve chosen in life is to photograph the souls of the creature that inspires me the most. I want to give people photographic ART of their horses. Photographs that take them back to the moment they fell in love with The Horse and never looked back. Photographs that make viewers like you, too, step back and see them for what they are and always have been; LIVING ART!

Producing half-hearted, mediocre, “just good enough” work is something I can’t live with producing and putting out for the world to see. Each photograph I take and present has a piece of my soul woven with it. I never just want to be a photographer who simply “takes a photo of a horse” – I want to turn your horse into ART. ♥

header photo: Amy Rickford Photography | top photo: Shelby Lynn Photography | bottom photo: Rayon Photography

✈️Traveling Equine Photographer ✈️

You can find me traveling the United States at least 100+ days out of the year! While I live in Kansas there are very few states I've not visited clients for photoshoots!

I reside here in Kansas with my husband, Jonathan !!

Jonathan is a 7 year US Army Combat Veteran who bravely served two tours in Afghanistan.

He is my anchor & plays the biggest "behind the scenes" roll in my business. Jonathan is a HEO (Heavy Equipment Operator) full time while also starting to build his own Heavy Equipment business: "JE Excavating LLC."

I wouldn't be where I am in my career without him. He has driven and pushed me to become the greatest I can possibly be. I've never known his type of selflessness and support in my life but I'm forever grateful.

We are blessed with 3 horses and 3 dogs. They are our only "kids."

Check out my photo carousel below to see more of my life outside of Photography.

Maybe we share something in common!

-xo Samantha

My life inside and out of photography

My hope is with these photos you can get a visual for who I am with my camera and without it. I always want to share my world with others. ♥