Hello 2022

Hello all. I told myself I was going to try to start (try being the operative word here) doing some blogging in 2022. I'm truly not the greatest.

I started my year off in Northern Minnesota. Welcoming in 2022 with -28F temps for a brisk Saturday morning of photoshoots. Way up north near Virginia a friend and a 4 year client of mine Jessica of Iron Feathered Cobs and I are getting horses ready for a romp in the cold.

Normally I hate the cold.

Funny how the cold just slips away from my mind as soon as I get my camera in my hands. Morning came super fast but I was so excited as I walked out and saw the sunlight just starting to brighten near the horizon. I also hate mornings. Funny how that too just slips away as soon as I know I'm going to be photographing horses.

-28F, a gorgeous sunrise, snow, and horses.

For safety reasons we only kept the horses out in the weather for about 15 minutes. I'm not sure if you've ever tried to breathe in air that cold...but it's like fire in your lungs. I can't imagine how it felt for the horses. I know while shooting the back of my camera kept fogging up from my breath and my nose would freeze to it. I have a couple photos of my face and my eyelashes being frozen as well.

Let me tell you. It WAS all worth it.

Seeing Elliot (Gypsy Cob stallion), Venom (AQHA Stallion), and a few other young ones being lunged in the knee deep snow...snow flying everywhere their breath with every stride making steam in the air... I can't think of a more perfect place. (minus the cold of course.)